Early Red Palm Weevil Detection with Palmnex

Palmnex solution is a system with unique monitoring technology detecting the infestations of plantations by the Red Palm Weevil (RPW) in a matter of days upon its arrival. React quickly, save your palms and secure your production with us.

The RPW is the biggest palm pest worldwide

Over the last decades, The RPW has spread at a speed never encountered before on similar pests, The FAO declared the eradication of the RPW threat one of its major priority over the next years.
Without a monitoring solution, any symptoms including major ones such as crown loss are usually detectable long after the palm has become infested. At this stage, the tree will die within weeks while most likely other trees of the plantation may have already be infested.
More than 50% of the palm trees are at high risk in some regions of the world. Authorities require the removal of the infested trees from the plantations and pesticide treatments. Palm tree exploitations suffer huge losses and cities streets are disfigured.

Damages timeline

1-6 days
2 months
3 months
4 months

The Palmnex Monitoring Suite

During the last 5 years, Palmnex has developed an innovative patented technology detecting the RPW and alerting you from the first days of its arrival and infestation in the plantation, with a near 100% accuracy. You can then treat and save the infested trees early enough, prevent the pest from spreading and secure your plant capital and production.

The PalmsensorTM

Each tree of your plantation is equipped with a small well-designed sensor monitoring the vitals of your tree and detecting the RPW larvae from the first days of the infestation
High Precision
Our patented detection algorithm has been developed after years of research and development by an expert team, radio frequency engineers, programmers and biologists (phytologists). It accurately separates the RPW specific presence signature from any other environment dependent signals like wind, rain or other insects.
Damageless for the tree
The sensor stem is only 5cm long, it penetrates the bark of the tree but not the fiber of the trunk. It does not harm the tree.
24/7 self-powered sensor
Each sensor is equipped with a solar panel designed to be fixed on trees. A small battery charged by the sun provides the sensor for continuous operation 24/7.

The PalmAppTM

All the data from the installed PalmSensor array are geolocated and sent to a web based application dedicated to the management of your plantation
Each sensor is geolocated and the app gives you an eagle view of your plantation. You can monitor for each tree the presence of the pest but also variables like CO2 or temperature (to detect fire)
The app will automatically alert you thanks to the preconfigured alerts that you can then change and manage to your specifications
You can report in the app any treatment administered to the trees, analyze its efficiency, and retrieve historical datas from the past. Your plantation is effectively in your hands!

React at the right time and the right way!

Thanks to Palmnex, you will be undoubtedly aware of the arrival of the RPW in your plantation from the first days, and not months after. By acting rapidly, you will be able to act ecologically:
  • spare the costly use of pesticides by treating only a few infested trees and save them before they are too damaged
  • prevent propagation and participate actively to the preservation of your plantation and the rest of your entire geographical area

Secure your agricultural assets and investment

Growing life and providing food to the world is a beautiful activity, Trees are often our elders and deserve our care. Palmnex will help you preserve your trees and make your agricultural investment more secure by :
  • In case of infestation it will make possible saving on the treatment costs, the palm removal cost, and the special handling of infested parts
  • Preserve your plantation yields, by minimizing the damages to your plantation in case of infestation with less damages on infested trees, less infested trees, and no removed trees. Save on the cost of substituting trees and the lag time needed for the substitute to become productive

Improve your overall plantation management

Palmnex enables you to monitor the presence of the RPW which is the major life threat for palm trees nowadays. But it does much more than this:
  • Map your entire plantation, and get an eagle view on your app.
  • Easily report treatments and events for each tree and KPIs for your entire plantation
  • Start collecting historical datas and set the foundations of a data-driven decision making for your activity
  • Be able to investigate the impact of any past problem, event or treatment to your plantation

Implementation of palmnex

+336 95096107
Is Palmnex available in my country?

Palmnex is available in all the countries concerned by the RPW threat. We are currently developing a network of distributors worldwide that we will soon display on our website. Please contact us if you want to become a distributor.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us for pricing information.

Will I get support for installation?

Each installation is different and require the supervision and intervention of your country distributor. 

Which kind of palm trees the system can handle?

Palmnex is especially suited for date palm trees and decorative palm trees.

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